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SLC Law Firm

Compagna Law Firm (SLC) is one of the most renowned and outstanding Italian Law Firms specialized in the area of economic and financial crimes. The two offices located in Rome and Milan guarantee clients all necessary assistance and legal services in the Italian territory. 
The Firm is particularly well known for providing representation to high-profile individuals in corporate criminal investigations and litigation. The activity of the Firm covers in particular the management of criminal litigation, the formulation of legal opinions and prevention of criminal risk.
Working alongside a network of consultants specialized in technical and defensive investigation, the Firm supports clients from the initiation of judicial proceedings by acquiring necessary scientific evaluations in order to find convincing documentary and testimonial evidences, in accordance with the requirements of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure. 

The team of lawyers have considerable experience in all kinds of criminal cases and are particularly specialized in white-collar crime. The extensive knowledge and experience of Senior Partner (Avv.) Compagna and the other criminal lawyers of the team, are evident in their curriculum vitae, their publications, and by the training activities entrusted to them by private individuals, universities and other public institutions. 
Media publications illustrate some of the brilliant results achieved by the Law Firm in the biggest and best known Italian criminal cases. 

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